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The Nappanee office is the headquarters. All metal decking is shipped from this location where we serve customers across the continental United States. If you are looking for customer pick up, this is the location.


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Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some of the top questions about metal decking material and ordering from Structuarl Deck.

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  • What is the difference between a form deck and a composite deck?

    Composite Deck generally refers to a thin gauge, yet high yield strength decking that is designed to enhance the strength of the concrete being poured on top it.

    Composite Deck has embossments in the metal designed to interlock and connect to the concrete as it is being poured which then adds to the strength of the floor structure as part of the design.

    Here at, we only offer Form Deck.

    This deck simply has a standard smooth surface and is designed only to support the dead weight of the concrete while it is being poured, and then the concrete is self-supported.

    Typically, a wire mesh product is used alongside Form Deck to reinforce the concrete to meet the engineered requirements.

    We do not offer composite deck.

  • What gauges (thickness) are available?

    We have 20 and 22 gauge available for both B Deck and Form Deck. 20 gauge is .036″ and thicker than 22 gauge at .030″

  • Can I use 22 gauge B Deck for mezzanine floors?

    We recommend that 22ga B Deck be used for roof decking only. This gauge is not optimal for mezzanine decking applications, especially when fastening wood flooring with screws, due to this lighter gauge.

  • Does Structural Deck offer installation services?

    Structural Deck only provides decking material. We do not offer any installation services.

  • In what applications should I choose white bottom over galvanized?

    Our White Bottom decking is painted with a brilliant reflective paint similar to the coating on a light fixture. This is recommended when you want the bottom or underside of your structure to have maximum brightness for a work space.

    Galvanized decking is generally less cost per square foot but gives the same rated capacity. This can be used for general construction when the decking is covered by a ceiling or the end user is not concerned about brightness.

    Galvanized is also recommended for form deck applications as the concrete being formed has moisture and wants to cause premature rust on the decking.