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Loading Metal Decking onto Semi Trailer

Is Your Jobsite a Ghost Town?

Are your crews waiting for metal decking to finish the project?

We are committed to getting you material so you can keep your construction crews busy, profitable, and in good spirits. No work is no fun for anyone.

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Your Steel Decking Advantages

You're a smart guy and probably already know these things, but in case you didn't—here's how we can help you win.

  • Next Day Pickup

    Get your steel deck as early as tomorrow. Place your order and choose the pickup day of your choice.

    Bundled Metal Decking
  • Easy Online Order

    Place your order right from your screen or your smartphone. Watch this 2-minute instructional video.

    Structural Deck Online Order Form
  • Custom Sheet Length

    Choose custom lengths for your steel decking down to the inch. The maximum length is 40′.

    B Deck Installation for Mezzanine Floor

We're Just Like You

It’s hard to plan for decking months ahead of time, when the project design isn’t finalized yet. That’s exactly why we’re cutting out long lead times.

We’re committed to helping you meet deadlines because it’s key to building  trust with your customers, which in turn increases profitability.

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  • We Use the Steel Decking for Our Projects Too
  • Coils In Stock and Ready to Roll
  • Dedicated to Your Success

Steel Decking Products

Steel decking is used for mezzanine floors and roof structures.

  • B Deck

    B Deck is available in 20 or 22 gauge in either white bottom or galvanized finishes.

    White bottom decking is popular for mezzanine applications because it enhances lighting on the underside of the structure.

    B Deck is typically used in commercial roofing applications or mezzanine flooring structures where plywood or resin deck is used as the finished floor.

    B Deck White Bottom vs Galvanized
  • Form Deck

    Form Deck is used as a “form” for concrete mezzanine floors and in commercial building construction.

    It’s typically galvanized to avoid corrosion due to the moisture in the concrete pouring process. Available in either 20 or 22 gauge.

    Form Deck Mezzanine Ready Concrete
  • Not Ready to Order?

    If you're not ready to order or not sure the exact material you need, fill out an RFQ.

Ordering Steel Decking Is Easy

Your time is valuable. We made the process of ordering, scheduling, and picking up your material as seamless as possible.

  1. Place Order Online

    Use our easy-to-use steel deck order form to place and pay for your order online.

  2. Choose Pickup or Delivery Date

    During the checkout process you'll be asked to choose your pickup or delivery date and time.

  3. Finish Project on Time

    With your steel decking ready when you are, you can finish your project on time!

What Customers Are Saying

Our team is dedicated to provide on time deliveries every time. Your project deadlines are as important to us as they are to you.

  • They over exceeds every deck supplier in the business!

    R.W. Welding Inc. has been in business for 23 and we have purchased metal decking from other suppliers over the years and recently have purchased some galvanized b decking from and I got to tell you WOW!!! What a difference! They over exceeds every deck supplier in the business! I would highly recommend them for your metal decking supplier!

  • Kept our project on schedule

    We needed a quick turnaround on B Decking for the canopy over the main entrance at Grand Design’s new Customer Support Center… [Structural Deck] was able to deliver the material within 2 days of my order and kept our project on schedule.

  • Super fast service

    Great product, super fast service, highly recommended.

B Deck Floor on Large Mezzanine


Check out these photos of B Deck and Form Deck.

How Is Next Day Pickup Possible?

We have invested in over one million pounds of steel coil so far in 2024. We have your material on the floor ready to process on our brand new roll-forming line. It'll be ready tomorrow 🙂.

While there are many suppliers of steel decking, it’s hard to get product on time.

Many suppliers offer inventory at common lengths that require cutting and a lot of waste, which again adds time and money.

This was a frustration we personally experienced, which is why we are committed to providing contractors next day pickup.

We can offer you any length between 3 feet and 40 feet in 1” increments. Submit your cut list and we’ll start rolling your material to order.

Say goodbye to 3 month lead-time! Say hello to the future with

— Ryan Miller
President and CEO

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Frequently Asked Questions

These are the top questions that come up about steel decking material.

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  • How much overlap should I allow when ordering my length?

    A minimum of 2″ of overlap is required but we recommend 6″ of overlap.

  • How do I order metal decking?

    Ordering metal decking from Structural Deck is a simple process. Watch this video or follow the steps below.

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    1. Choose your material type
    2. Choose the sheet length
    3. Choose the number of sheets

    It’s a simple 3 step process. You can then place the order and choose if you want free pickup at our location in Nappanee, IN or delivery to your job site.

  • What gauges (thickness) are available?

    We have 20 and 22 gauge available for both B Deck and Form Deck. 20 gauge is .036″ and thicker than 22 gauge at .030″