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We are committed to getting you material so you can keep your construction crews busy, profitable, and in good spirits. No work is no fun for anyone.

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Your Steel Decking Advantages

You're a smart guy and probably already know these things, but in case you didn't—here's how we can help you win.

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Custom Sheet Length

Choose custom lengths for your steel decking down to the inch. The maximum length is 40'.

B Deck Installation for Mezzanine Floor
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We're Just Like You

It's hard to plan for decking months ahead of time, when the project design isn't finalized yet. That's exactly why we're cutting out long lead times.

We're committed to helping you meet deadlines because it's key to building  trust with your customers, which in turn increases profitability.

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Steel Decking Products

Steel decking is used for mezzanine floors and roof structures.

B Deck

B Deck is available in 20 or 22 gauge in either white bottom or galvanized finishes.

White bottom decking is popular for mezzanine applications because it enhances lighting on the underside of the structure.

B Deck is typically used in commercial roofing applications or mezzanine flooring structures where plywood or resin deck is used as the finished floor.

B Deck White Bottom vs Galvanized

Form Deck

Form Deck is used as a "form" for concrete mezzanine floors and in commercial building construction.

It's typically galvanized to avoid corrosion due to the moisture in the concrete pouring process. Available in either 20 or 22 gauge.

Form Deck on Mezzanine Ready for Concrete

Ordering Steel Decking Is Easy

Your time is valuable. We made the process of ordering, scheduling, and picking up your material as seamless as possible.

1. Place Order Online

Use our easy-to-use steel deck order form to place and pay for your order online.

2. Choose Pickup or Delivery Date

During the checkout process you'll be asked to choose your pickup or delivery date and time.

3. Finish Project On Time

With your steel decking ready when you are, you can finish your project on time!

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B Deck Floor on Large Mezzanine

What Customers Are Saying

Our team is dedicated to provide on time deliveries every time. Your project deadlines are as important to us as they are to you.

We needed a quick turnaround on B Decking for the canopy over the main entrance at Grand Design’s new Customer Support Center… [Structural Deck] was able to deliver the material within 2 days of my order and kept our project on schedule.
Zack Kauffman, Project Engineer at DJ Construction
Zak Kauffman
Project Engineer at DJ Construction
We chose to use [Structural Deck] for B-decking because the level of service… is always second to none. Great product at a great price point. Highly recommend.
Arlin Hochstetler, Sales & Project Manager at B & B Roofing and Construction
Arlin Hochstetler
Sales & Project Manager at B&B Construction

How Is Next Day Pickup Possible?

We have invested in over one million pounds of steel coil so far in 2023. We have your material on the floor ready to process on our brand new roll-forming line. It'll be ready tomorrow 🙂.

While there are many suppliers of steel decking, it's hard to get product on time.

Many suppliers offer inventory at common lengths that require cutting and a lot of waste, which again adds time and money.

This was a frustration we personally experienced, which is why we are committed to providing contractors next day pickup.

We can offer you any length between 3 feet and 40 feet in 1” increments. Submit your cut list and we’ll start rolling your material to order.

Say goodbye to 3 month lead-time! Say hello to the future with StructuralDeck.com.

— Ryan Miller
President and CEO

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Frequently Asked Questions

These are the common questions that come up about ordering, steel decking material, etc. If your question isn't answered send us a message.

A minimum of 2" of overlap is required but we recommend 6" of overlap.

B Deck

Form Deck

We have 20 and 22 gauge available for both B Deck and Form Deck. 20 gauge is .036" and thicker than 22 gauge at .030"

B Deck and Form Deck don't have custom width options available. It provides 36" wide coverage which is standard in the industry. However, you can choose a custom length between 3'-35' in 1" increments.

Our White Bottom decking is painted with a brilliant reflective paint similar to the coating on a light fixture. This is recommended when you want the bottom or underside of your structure to have maximum brightness for a work space.

Galvanized decking is generally less cost per square foot but gives the same rated capacity. This can be used for general construction when the decking is covered by a ceiling or the end user is not concerned about brightness.

Galvanized is also recommended for form deck applications as the concrete being formed has moisture and wants to cause premature rust on the decking.

We offer next day delivery from our Nappanee location. It's a $100 flat rate and available in a 75-mile radius around Nappanee, IN. We also offer next day pickup.

Loading Metal Deck onto Semi

We deliver to all 48 states. We also offer flat rate shipping to the Midwest and Eastern United States.

Place your order online. Choose your material type, length, and quantity of sheets. You can add different material types and lengths to the same order.

Choose either pickup or delivery and then enter payment details to complete the order. You will get a confirmation email with details within minutes of placing your order.

The lower the number, the thicker the decking. The higher the number, the thinner it is. 20 gauge at .036" is thicker than 22 gauge at .030" thickness.

You can purchase a custom length between 2'-35' in 1" increments.

That answer isn't always the same. Check out our B Deck Specs document for more details.

A "square" of decking refers to 100 square ft of any type of decking.

Our galvanized decking is G40 which has a designated coating of .40 oz/square foot.

Structural Deck only provides decking material. We do not offer any installation services.

Attaching decking is a time-consuming process that requires a good level of accuracy. While some of our customers choose to attach decking using self-tapping screws, we highly recommend using the Hilti nailer method, particularly on larger projects.

The Hilti Stand-up Handle enables workers to efficiently and accurately attach sheets of decking from an ergonomic upright position as opposed to bent over and manually screwing.

Screw Locations

Attaching B-deck and Form deck to either a structural steel beam or bar joist, we recommend using the Hilti DX-9 HSN and DX-9 ESP for each structural support respectively. Remember that you will need to use the appropriate fastener type in each application.



Screw Overlap

FD (Form) Deck

Screw Overlap

For attaching sheets of B-deck and FD (Form) deck with a Hilti Stand-up Handle, you must use the red strip Hilti #10 HWH screws to attach the sheets while standing on the upper decking panel. In the diagram, that means standing on the right side for B-deck and on the left for Form deck. Standing on the upper panel applies force to the overlap ensuring a clean connection.

To see authorized Hilti distributors and rental locations, visit Hilti's website.

It is recommended that all metal decking be shipped to the job site under a tarp and then stored out of the elements to avoid corrosion or surface rust.

This is especially important with White Bottom decking as surface rust from moisture shows up very quickly if left outside. We recommend that all decking be stored off the ground with one end elevated.