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We provide steel decking products in Michigan. If your city isn’t listed, we can still help you. Contact us for more details.

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Our team is dedicated to provide on time deliveries every time. Your project deadlines are as important to us as they are to you.

  • Awesome people, easy to order, fast delivery.

    Awesome people, easy to order, fast delivery. I had no issues with these guys. Thanks!

  • I wish all the companies worked like this!

    Got to say very impressed how smooth everything went. I got all my measurements put them on the website placed the order and boom couple days later the decking shows up at my house.

    The easiest order I’ve done so far while building my house and everything fit perfect! A+ QUALITY AND SERVICE! Thank you for the super easy transaction! I wish all the companies worked like this! Will definitely order again with no hesitation! And they got the best price around! Thank you again!

  • They over exceeds every deck supplier in the business!

    R.W. Welding Inc. has been in business for 23 and we have purchased metal decking from other suppliers over the years and recently have purchased some galvanized b decking from and I got to tell you WOW!!! What a difference! They over exceeds every deck supplier in the business! I would highly recommend them for your metal decking supplier!

B Deck Floor on Large Mezzanine

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some of the top questions about metal decking material and ordering from Structural Deck.

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  • What type of Roof Deck do you offer?

    We offer 1-1/2″ B-Decking in either 20 or 22 gauge which is commonly used for commercial roofing applications spanning across purlins, joists, or other support members.

  • How do I order metal decking?

    Ordering metal decking from Structural Deck is a simple process. Watch this video or follow the steps below.

    1. Choose your material type
    2. Choose the sheet length
    3. Choose the number of sheets

    It’s a simple 3 step process. You can then place the order and choose if you want free pickup at our location in Nappanee, IN or delivery to your job site.

  • Can I choose a custom sheet width?

    B Deck and Form Deck don’t have custom width options available. It provides 36″ wide coverage which is standard in the industry. However, you can choose a custom length.

  • Can I use 22 gauge B Deck for mezzanine floors?

    We recommend that 22ga B Deck be used for roof decking only. This gauge is not optimal for mezzanine decking applications, especially when fastening wood flooring with screws, due to this lighter gauge.

  • What is Form Deck?

    Form Deck is a reliable and affordable way to form concrete for floors in new construction typically on top of a mezzanine platform or covered pit application.