B Decking and Form Decking Delivered to Des Moines

Structural Deck offers metal decking delivery to Des Moines as well as providing B Decking and Form Decking across Iowa.

Delivery Charge: $999
Des Moines, IA

Steel Decking Products

Steel decking is used for mezzanine floors and roof structures.

  • B Deck

    B Deck is available in 20 or 22 gauge in either white bottom or galvanized finishes.

    White bottom decking is popular for mezzanine applications because it enhances lighting on the underside of the structure.

    B Deck is typically used in commercial roofing applications or mezzanine flooring structures where plywood or resin deck is used as the finished floor.

    B Deck White Bottom vs Galvanized
  • Form Deck

    Form Deck is used as a “form” for concrete mezzanine floors and in commercial building construction.

    It’s typically galvanized to avoid corrosion due to the moisture in the concrete pouring process. Available in either 20 or 22 gauge.

    Form Deck Mezzanine Ready Concrete
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B Decking and Form Decking Delivered to Des Moines

Structural Deck offers metal decking delivery to Des Moines as well as providing B-Decking and Form Decking across Iowa.

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  • Exactly as specified

    The material arrived when they said it would and exactly as specified. I also enjoyed the simplicity of the website.

  • Delivered in a couple days

    What a pleasure to place an order and have it delivered in a couple days. Structural Deck has great pricing, and the communication was top notch!

  • Ordered Monday evening, delivered Wednesday morning.

    Unbelievable service and accountability. On top of every detail. Ordered Monday evening, delivered Wednesday morning. Only problem is they were earlier than I expected (not a problem). The delivery people were fantastic. All companies should be like this one.

B Deck Floor on Large Mezzanine

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