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Form Deck

Create the World's Best Floor Structure

Say goodbye to shaky and spongy floors. Use steel form deck with concrete to build the most solid mezzanine in the industry.


Make Your Customer Feel Like They're Working on the Ground Floor


Stay Under Budget & Increase Profitability

Don't Send Your Guys Home Because You Can't Get Form Deck

Have the plans but not the material? You're not alone. We can help.

We're dedicated to helping Michiana contractors keep their workers busy and get building projects completed on time.

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Form Deck Features

There are many benefits to using concrete floor on your mezzanine. Here's a list of 3 features that we believe are the most important.

Rock Solid

Many mezzanine floors use a wood or resin material. Not only can they feel spongy when loaded, they break down over time with heavy traffic and require replacement. That's why our form deck paired with concrete is simply the best option.


With rising costs of wood and resin options, concrete flooring has become more affordable than ever compared to other options on the market.

Next Day Pickup & Delivery

Order your form deck and it'll be ready for pickup or delivery tomorrow. This includes custom sheet lengths which are available between 2'-35' in 1" increments.
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Customers Who Use Form Deck

Each of our customers are unique. Our goal is to help you win—whatever it takes.

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General Contractors



Civil Projects

Commercial Mult-Story

Type of Form Deck Material

We offer 20 and 22 gauge galvanized form deck. Since the decking ribs are 1 1/2" tall, we recommend a minimum of 3 1/2" total concrete depth, which makes a structurally sound floor.

22ga x 1.5" Galvanized
Form Deck

Custom Length Stack of Steel Decking

20ga x 1.5" Galvanized
Form Deck

Custom Cut Stack of Steel Decking
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Ordering Steel Decking Is Easy

Your time is valuable. We made the process of ordering, scheduling, and picking up your material as seamless as possible.

1. Place Order Online

Use our easy-to-use steel deck order form to place and pay for your order online.

2. Choose Pickup or Delivery Date

During the checkout process you'll be asked to choose your pickup or delivery date and time.

3. Finish Project On Time

With your steel decking ready when you are, you can finish your project on time!

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B Deck Floor on Large Mezzanine

What Customers Are Saying

Our team is dedicated to provide on time deliveries every time. Your project deadlines are as important to us as they are to you.

Very pleased with your product. I had placed my order on a Thursday late afternoon and it was already for pick up early Friday morning. Great turn around. The guys loading were very personable and helpful. Thanks again for the help.
Travis David
Travis David
Personal Project
We needed a quick turnaround on B Decking for the canopy over the main entrance at Grand Design’s new Customer Support Center… [Structural Deck] was able to deliver the material within 2 days of my order and kept our project on schedule.
Zack Kauffman, Project Engineer at DJ Construction
Zak Kauffman
Project Engineer at DJ Construction

Frequently Asked Questions

These are the common questions that come up about ordering, steel decking material, etc. If your question isn't answered send us a message.

Our galvanized decking is G40 which has a designated coating of .40 oz/square foot.

Structural Deck only provides decking material. We do not offer any installation services.

While some of our customers attach their decking using self-tapping screws, on larger projects we highly recommend that you consider the Hilti nailer method. It works great in both bar joist and beam structures. We would be happy to set you up with purchase or rental of this equipment. Thousands of fasteners are on our shelf.

Installer Fasten Metal Decking Using Hilti Nailer

It is recommended that all metal decking be shipped to the job site under a tarp and then stored out of the elements to avoid corrosion or surface rust.

This is especially important with White Bottom decking as surface rust from moisture shows up very quickly if left outside. We recommend that all decking be stored off the ground with one end elevated.

We have 20 and 22 gauge available for both B Deck and Form Deck. 20 gauge is .036" and thicker than 22 gauge at .030"

We offer next day delivery from our Nappanee location. It's a $100 flat rate and available in a 75-mile radius around Nappanee, IN. We also offer next day pickup.

Loading Metal Deck onto Semi

We offer the following delivery options:

  • Free Customer Pickup in Nappanee, IN 46550
  • Delivery within 50 miles of Nappanee - $99
  • Delivery within 75 miles of Nappanee - $199
  • Delivery within 125 miles of Nappanee - $299
  • Delivery within 200 miles of Nappanee - $499
  • Delivery over 200 miles of Nappanee - Freight quote sent prior to shipment

Place your order online. Choose your material type, length, and quantity of sheets. You can add different material types and lengths to the same order.

Choose either pickup or delivery and then enter payment details to complete the order. You will get a confirmation email with details within minutes of placing your order.

Composite Deck generally refers to a thin gauge, yet high yield strength decking that is designed to enhance the strength of the concrete being poured on top it.

Composite Deck has embossments in the metal designed to interlock and connect to the concrete as it is being poured which then adds to the strength of the floor structure as part of the design.

Here at StructuralDeck.com, we only offer Form Deck.

This deck simply has a standard smooth surface and is designed only to support the dead weight of the concrete while it is being poured, and then the concrete is self-supported.

Typically, a wire mesh product is used alongside Form Deck to reinforce the concrete to meet the engineered requirements.

Form Deck is a reliable and affordable way to form concrete for floors in new construction typically on top of a mezzanine platform or covered pit application.

That answer isn't always the same. Check out our Form Deck Specs document for more details.

The lower the number, the thicker the decking. The higher the number, the thinner it is. 20 gauge at .036" is thicker than 22 gauge at .030" thickness.